Stuck? Ask for Help.

Getting stuck can be easy. Getting out – just ask for help.

Ever get stuck in life? I’ve always found asking for help is the way to go. As I do my fair share of travelling about, I seem to ask for help a lot. And no matter where you are in the world almost invariably people love to assist. The pic: that’s me stuck on the beach in a friends car (more like a truck to me), and in 5 mins a guy drove past and helped me out. Yes in Australia one can drive on beaches – some anyway.

Just 2 days ago, a visitor of my next door neighbour got stuck up his very steep drive. His vehicle was hanging over the edge of a drop so I hurried over to give him a hand. It was a close one but we and the tow truck managed. In a bizarre twist, the very next day, my other next door neighbour called and said his vehicle was slipping in his paddock and he needed help. I went over with my towing rope and we towed his car out with his tractor. 2 days and two good turns.

You give what you receive what you give…..

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