New Years Evolution

new year on the road
On the Road for 2013

Ok so you want to make some changes in the coming year. Here’s a little exercise plus a meditation that will help you on your way. List all the things that you accomplished last year and then list all the things that you wanted to do but didn’t. Go over the list. It’s a fair thing to say that most of us put greater emphasis on our failures rather than accomplishments. It’s human nature. So you need to take a moment to celebrate your accomplishments – even if they are small ones. This is very important as we often don’t pause enough to acknowledge those successes.

So now step back and taking a look at the things you didn’t accomplish. By stepping back you are detaching and becoming an observer and not getting emotionally involved in success or failure – it’s simply the reality now. Take a moment to just feel them out. Understand that life is always in a state of flux – you are not judging or changing anything.

To further this I recommend a little meditation on goal setting: sit in an upright, relaxed position and focus on your breathing, in and out for a minute or so and relax into your space. Now while in your meditation think of those things that you want to achieve for the coming year. To create the motivation immerse yourself in the feeling of having done or achieved such a thing. You need to focus on the journey and the benefits you will receive. Pull it into your feelings as much as you can so you lock it into your heart and mind. Some like to see a step by step process in the creation of the goal – this is a good way to really bring it into focus.

You can do this simple meditation any time you choose, but if you can do it each day for 33 days starting 2013 that will really help to set up the energy for change. Quiet Earth sells all my meditation products which may interest you – especially the Brainwave metronome titles which you can use to really help focus the mind.

See my product Goal Setting Meditation (below) at Quiet Earth of you want a specific meditation to help you out with this. It’s an excellent way to manifest what you need for 2013

Happy New Year!!


goal setting meditation 150
view goal setting meditation at quiet earth

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  1. How can I get a message to Stuart Wilde? Recently went through a very painful problem with diverticulitis and simply said his name and Kris Krepcik’s through my bodies….did this for several minutes and followed that with violet fire…..problem went away! Wanted to thank them for all they do and let others know just saying their names and seeing their faces is enough if, like myself, one does not have the money to attend an event.
    Thanks also for the products. Karen McCarville

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