The Four Spiritual Things

field of lightBack in the 80’s, I attended a lecture by Glynn Braddy – a colleague of Stuart Wilde’s. Glynn was a brilliant lecturer and one of the great metaphysicians of his time (not sure what he is up to now). Even Stuart said to me once that Glynn was the most talented speaker he had ever heard. Well that first lecture was a transforming one for me. It gave me four concepts that I have held close and worked with ever since.

The first was that the Spirit or God Force or Soul or Shining Light Within – whatever you like to call it – is impartial: ie it’s like electricity – it simply flows naturally along a path (usually of least resistance) having no volition, no consciousness of itself.

The second was one of responsibility: that we are responsible for the vast majority of events in our lives, so whatever you put in you get back.

Thirdly: non-infringement, which ties in with non-judgement. By understanding that people have their own natural evolution then you are not trying to fix things for them (unless they ask of course). Not judging them, not needing them to be any different from the human beings they are right now. It’s what true love is.

The fourth was not to take the first three things too seriously – because seriousness is a disease that will be your undoing.

So a spiritual life is one that embraces these 4 things. There are probably a couple of others but I like to keep things simple (in fact thats another one in itself).

Blessings and peace to Glynn Braddy wherever you are.


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