The Strangers We Connect To Everyday

world-peopleWe are all connected through a mesh of energy. I like to see it as a sea of consciousness pervading all things. But what about the more tangible stuff? All the physical things you have in your possession and the things you touch and see, the screen on which you read these words; your clothes, the car you drive, the buildings you live and work in, are directly connected to a staggering number of people who created them. What this means is that we put an element of trust in complete strangers, and they in turn trust you.

From this perspective, it is just extraordinary how much co-operation exists between us – all 7 billion souls. So next time you think of all the agro and frustration in the world, just give a thought to the amount of things you do each day, the amount of objects you use, the food you eat – and how you are putting your trust in people living right across the globe.

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