The Middle Path is Golden

golden path 370So much of life is a conundrum. If we eat too many carbs  we get fat. If we don’t eat enough we can lack serotonin which can lead us to feeling a bit down. If we over discipline our children we can be thought of as being mean – too little and they can run amok. If we party too hard our bodies suffer. If we stay home too much it’s isolating and boring.

The middle path is golden – it’s one where you will find your own balance. No one can tell you where that is. You find it for yourself. It doesn’t matter how many studies you read about what is good or not good for you, your needs may be different than those of Miss Average or of those in the study.

The boundaries of our lives have become blurred and the middle path is no long well defined. But ultimately the middle path allows us to relax and diffuse the stress of life’s challenges. The danger is if your life becomes routinised (a new word) – you become rigid and staid. So at times you have to get off the safety of that path, to creatively explore new things. But ultimately we come back with fresh ideas and a new perspective.

If you don’t, events have a way of shoving you off anyway, and the natural process says – here deal with this.

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