Evil Comes in Many Guises

fun letterbox

it’s a fake smile

The other day I saw a red letterbox outside someone’s house. It looked menacing. I don’t believe in the government spin that red letterboxes are benign. They have been installed by the government to spy on us and they emit  gamma rays that can have serious consequences for your health.

A recent study published in Nexus magazine, shows that people who own red letterboxes are more prone to have allergies, mental health problems and an unusual foot disease called Doby’s itch.

In fact the whole postal system is used to control the population. A postal worker, who I spoke to recently and requested to remain anonymous (his name is Dave and he lives at 14 Piper St, Hammersmith, London), said workers are rewarded for public taunts and slow service. He said it is well know at Royal Mail that the red letterboxes have been installed with advanced surveillance devices and a mini nuclear reactor – which is why they are near impossible to break into. All the boxes are connected with underground tunnels enabling the elite of society to maintain their evil system – they use brainwashed drones to maintain the tunnels and boxes.

Unfortunately the full interview with the worker is lost – the government broke into my house and stole it from my attic. But fortunately I do have a copy. It is on a USB stick that my cat ate, so I am waiting for it to materialize. I will keep you posted.

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