Evil Pope, Enlightened Pope

evil popeThe very day the Pope resigned, an internal investigation informed him of evil among the ranks – blackmail, corruption, sex – the only thing missing was drugs, but maybe pope Benedick didn’t read it all. The secret report is now called the Vatileaks affair and also delves into suspect dealings at the Institute for Religious Works (IOR), the Vatican’s bank. A new chairman was appointed last week after being absent for nine months. The number 9 in holy writ is indicative of suffering and grief.

The religions of the world are far too serious and manipulative. Catholicism seems to take it to a whole new level. What the Vatican needs is a new enlightened Pope who is a more friendly, less fascist, less evil, less of a pedophile shuffling Pope. What is needed is the new guy pictured below. I hope he runs.

new enlightened pope

new enlightened pope needed

Categories: Funny, Religion

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