Stuart Wilde A Tribute

stuart wilde magician

Words cannot express the feelings.  So I made a video.

Thank you Stu for all the wonderful times of laughter, love and friendship. You will be greatly missed.

…..just beyond our earthly grace, behold that ever shining place. 

Lyrics by Stuart, music by Richard Tyler – Heaven’s Stars in Motion and pics from my camera

heaven’s stars in motion
sunlight to earth devoted
ocean’s wings will guide thee
darkness is gone behind me
forest light all a quiver
oscillates a fast shimmer
open door silver sword
loves’ love to us afford

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  1. Thank you so much James for making a tribute to the wonderful, loving and amazing Stuart. His passing leaves an emptiness for many of us across the planet. My daily ritual travelling home on the bus was to read Stuart articles that he posted daily. Although I never met Stuart I felt a connection to him, having followed his work since the 80’s.
    No doubt there are many fans of Stuart in Australia and it would be wonderful if we could perhaps have a celebration of his life here in OZ. Unfortunately for many of us cannot attend the one that will be held overseas this year.

  2. James – Thankyou bro for the very beautiful and moving tribute to Stuart. It felt like i was there at the gigs in your clip. I knew him from 2005 onward. Feels like there is a big hole in my heart but he feels near and he of course remains alive through his writing – his words seem to have taken on a more powerful resonance now. All the very best to you – Sarbs

  3. Bless you James. I will treasure this tribute as I treasure my memories of Stuart from the wonder of Taos, working with him in his office in Sydney (I probably shipped you boxes of books in the early 90s), to many many many wonderful moments at the Adobe and in England. HIs essence lives on in the love he gave and received. God Speed dear dear Stuart and may love enfold you forevermore. Love you Susan Skelton

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