A 3.33 Minute Story of the 33 Steps

A few weeks before Stuart Wilde passed (left this earthly plane on 1st May this year) we spoke of releasing his classic audio series the 33 Steps Beyond the Earth Plane. I hopped into the studio and began working on it. But come May 1st my excitement turned to sorrow and I channeled my energy into producing the Stuart Wilde tribute video.

Later I went back and finished the 33 Steps – it has been released at Quiet Earth. Someone emailed me during this time and pointed out that the youtube video I created was 3.33 minutes long. I didn’t know so I was amazed but strangely not surprised. Life is like that when energy flows strongly into projects – especially with Stuart.

(Aside: and in another Youtube phenomena, a viewer pointed out that in my other video – Everybody Here Says Godspeed – the Apollo rocket takes off at exactly 3.33 – hooray – love it!!)

33 steps 250
Stuart Wilde’s Classic – 33 Steps

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  1. The music that is in Stuarts “Infinite Self” is very inspirational. I would love to hear the full piece.Is this one of James Wild’s work? If so what is it called an where can I get it?

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