Improving Audio Quality

We all hear music differently. Our devices (stereo, computer, iPod etc) also play audio frequencies differently. Plus, as we get older we tend to lose a bit of the higher end (the treble) from our hearing range. Here is a way to adjust the sound coming from your device to best meet your needs. I will use iTunes as an example but you can access similar features from any software or stereo that you use.

If you use iTunes click on the menu “Window” and select “Equalizer”. You will see something like this.

Screen Shot Macbook Pro iTunes PM

You can use this to adjust the sound produced from iTunes. In this example above I am playing music from my Macbook Pro which has appalling little speakers that produce very little bass – so I have manually boosted up the lower frequencies. You will notice that if you click on the box at top you will get a lot of presets that you can play with.

One such preset is “Spoken Word” (below). So if you listen to a lot of spoken word from the Quiet Earth website (which sells my audio) then you can adjust your Equalizer accordingly. Mostly such a setting will boost the mid range to higher frequencies.

Spoken Word Equalizer iTunes

Note that most basic stereos, televisions etc have ways to change the sound – from bass boost to noise reduction. But generally a high end quality stereo will not have an equalizer.

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