Affirmations With Meditation

Featured imageAfter a very long break from all sorts of activities I have started meditating again – every day for 10 mins using the Delta Brainwave rhythm. I like to meditate in the morning as it sets up the energy for the day – reciting my chosen affirmations.

First up I use the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono healing affirmation. Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. I use this not as a projection to others but to heal the hurts I have manifested for myself over the years (I used it last year as a general affirmation and can honestly say that it helped me immensely – thanks to my partner Fiona with all my heart for showing it to me). I have now incorporated these words into my meditations.

So if you have something to forgive, or just want to heal an aspect of your life that needs attention, then I have found the following affirmation very powerful indeed. During the beginning of meditating, for the first few minutes, I say silently to myself:

I love you…I’m Sorry (while breathing in)

Please forgive me…Thank you (while breathing out)

I can’t express enough just how much these few words have helped me. They imbibe a sense of serenity within me. A sense of gratitude and acceptance of myself and others

More on my other affirmations in my next post

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