Affirmations With Meditation 2

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Following up from my last post, these are the other affirmations (in blue) that I am using for my morning meditation (I would mostly say these to myself around 5 times each depending on the emphasis I feel I need for each one):

I am strong (breathing in)

This is our day (breathing out)

I feel calm and centred (breathing in)

This is our day (breathing out)

I use the words “This is our day” to affirm this message not just for myself but for others I greet during the day

Spirit, thank you for the plants, the animals, the water and air (breathing in and out)

Gaia, thank you for the sustenance and bounty from earth (breathing in and out)

To finish I dedicate my energy to the service of humanity

This day I will be of service to those who are drawn to me (breathing in and out)

As I said in my last post I am using the Delta Metronome – I find it very effective. You can purchase this at Quiet Earth

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