Refreshment and Reminders in Our Lives

blue bells

Sometimes we can get despondent about the world with all the goings on, the pretence, the agro and the bling. While there is beauty to be found everywhere, we are in constant need of healing and all have our part to play.

As the world quickens, it’s as if it takes on more mass: energy, and in an undesirable space, we can feel a crowded heaviness that impinges on our lives. We need refreshment, reminders, updates and guidance: almost a constant changing mosaic of ideas and practices. This gives us the space to step aside, away from the oppressive and toxic mainstream landscape pushed on us by the media (which is becoming ever more shrill and manipulative).

This constant renewal aligns us to nature and the greater good of humanity. It reminds us of our deep connection to all things – an inner truth and a deeper meaning.

Quiet Earth – Spiritual Quest

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