The Benefits of Teaching Meditation to Kids in Chicago Schools

bam with obamaTeaching meditation to students from Chicago high schools led to reduced dropout rates and crime says researchers from the US National Bureau of Economic Research. The program focused on slowing down their decision making process. “Think before you act” is an adage that serves us all well and the young are especially prone to doing the opposite.

So rather than telling students to calm down, be less aggressive (which of course doesn’t work) they were put through a series of simple breathing and meditation exercises to help manage their emotions while making difficult decisions. Plus exercises teaching the power of positive reactions. It was also noted that such programs are cost effective solutions to getting teenagers back in schools.

This is from Quartz which reported on the study : “The study analysed the effects of a Chicago-based program by the organisation Youth Guidance called Becoming a Man (BAM). The researchers invited 1,473 Chicago teens, chosen at random from 18 public schools, to participate in BAM programming and compared them to a control group of similar students who were not invited….The study found that, based on monitoring the students for a year after the program, those assigned to participate in the BAM program were 44% less likely to commit violent crimes, and performed significantly better in an academic performance index that combines academic measurements including GPA, attendance rates, and dropout rates.”

Sponsor: Quiet Earth Meditation titles

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