Drink Hot Chocolate and Glide Through the Day

hot chocolateIt’s pleasing how even a tv show can change the way you do things. A few months ago I was watching a fascinating interview with Willy the chocolate man and he announced that up until recently he never missed a day for his coffee fix and explained how much better he felt after switching to hot chocolate. It doesn’t give that “jingly, jangly feeling” you get from coffee he said (tea doesn’t seem to have the same effect). Cacao as a hot chocolate drink is stimulating but the effect creeps up on you – you slowly begin to glide along rather than suddenly stomping.

After watching the interview I was inspired. I could relate to the jingles and jangles. I myself gave up on coffee a couple of years ago. Ok, so I decided to give hot chocolate a go. Fortunately I love cream – it has a good amount of sphingolipids – excellent fat for good bowel health. So for morning tea I boil the kettle and make a hot chocolate using good quality cacao (we tried a few different brands) and cream (I don’t do milk very well – get the sniffles and sneezes so it’s banned), put in a dash of cinnamon (and sometimes nutmeg) and honey and voila!!

A wonderful drink.

Quiet Earth sponsored audio: Lake of Stillness

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