9 Misconceptions about Olive Oil

Here are 9 misconceptions about olive oil. You can find the full article here at Treehugger

1. Anything that isn’t extra-virgin olive oil is nearly as good as extra-virgin olive oil…..Basically no, if it’s not extra virgin it is a refined industrial product.

2. The best olive oils should note “first cold pressing” on the label…..No it’s meaningless. In extra virgin there is only one pressing.

3. You can’t cook on high heat with olive oil…..Yes you can. Extra virgin is very stable – in fact up to 210C (410F).

4. Leaving a bottle out on the counter by the stove is fine…..No the oil deteriorates with light and heat.

5. You can judge an olive oil by its colour…..Extra virgin comes in many hues.

6. Good olive oil doesn’t have to cost a lot…..Almost invariably it does cost more than inferior oils.

7. The array of information on olive oil labels is all meaningless…..Much of it can be good.

8. “Best-by” dates are important…..Harvest date is your best guide.

9. Olive oil is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids…..Not really – ratio of Omega-6 to 3 is around 13:1.

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