Could Smelly Farts Be the Sniff You Need to Good Health?

fart shirtOk it seems a bit of an excuse for men to stink out the house but it’s true that (male) scientists have recently revealed the secret health benefits of hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg gas – H2S), a main component of smelly farts: see bottom (sorry) for the science behind this. This gas was thought to be a toxic poison to all women who have the unfortunate vocation of living with men who eat lots of beans and drink beer.

Gas is formed in our bowel by the action of thousands of different species of bacteria consuming the undigested food we eat: mostly fibre and resistant starch. And from this huge party, the little buggers burp out “waste” gases. Mostly these gases are oxygen, hydrogen, methane and Co2 – positively harmless. But some foods, usually those high in sulphur, lead to the proliferation of certain kinds of party goers that burp out H2S – one of the smelliest and most evil gases known to mankind

Here is a list of the foods:
Anything that you (men) put in your (their) mouth after consuming a beer.

Here is another list that may be useful: broccoli (in fact any cruciferous vegetable), alcohol, nuts, dried apricots, onions, garlic and many others. You could include excessive carbs as this provides the sugar (energy) to fire up the little buggers and also excessive protein with sulphur containing amino acids.

So here is the science: When cells become stressed they draw in enzymes to generate their own amount of H2S, which helps to preserve their mitochondria: little ‘batteries’ inside the cell which drive energy production. Other benefits of H2S are: an important regulator of inflammation in our bodies; essential for dietary restriction benefits; acts as a neurotransmitter; aids circulatory system; and as an anti ageing chemical.

There is a caveat here for all men. The research does suggest that sniffing farts may not provide the gas in a way that the cells of our body can use – except certain brain cells – those of a woman’s amygdala, the emotional centre, that induce the flight or fight response.

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