There’s a Revolution Coming to Our Beautiful Blue Planet

musk powerwallThe internet has given us many new freedoms with the ability to widely communicate and effect change across the world. But to truly take charge of our destiny, energy self-sufficiency is the next exciting step. It will give us the opportunity to break free from the shackles of manipulative, overbearing governments and institutions.

Many people have already made the switch to self-sufficiency with battery storage, but they are few in number. The technology is still not quite mature enough, being fairly expensive and a challenge to set up for most, despite the advancements in solar panel technology and the groovy new Powerwall by Elon Musk.

But imagine just for one moment generating all your own power, storing it, autonomously powering your car, your toaster etc – basically disconnecting from the grid. You become entirely responsible for your energy; no longer beholden to companies that can manoeuvre you with complicated pricing mechanisms. There is great strength in that feeling.

However we don’t have to back-peddle out of society. We can choose to stay connected to the grid. We each become a little power company. Thousands, if not millions of us, all feeding and using power – a giant interconnected battery. There is a creative, driving impulse, almost a longing in people, for the challenge to create a better connected community. And I truly believe that a collective social benefit would naturally grow out of this energy revolution. It could reverse the destructive nature of socially isolating commodity capitalism.

It’s a huge step and will be a big challenge for governments to manage. The slogan Power to the People is becoming a literal reality. What an incredible world we live in.

Quiet Earth sponsored audio: Rain with Theta and Delta Waves

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