Chainsawing a Way Through Life

When we first began living on our rural property I really didn’t have a clue about how to fix things. In Australia men are expected to learn the basics of being a handyman otherwise you are placed in a group of strange people that may as well be from another planet. Chainsawing is something that I did learn quick. My father had a chainsaw so he gave me his to use. I still have it. It’s a little ripper, so when a branch or a tree comes down then I like to tackle it myself.

However if it’s a big as the one below then I call my mate Bo. This massive tree fell down across our drive about 200 metres away from our house. I was inside our house at the time and I felt the ground and house shake – like a mini earthquake. It actually took another tree with it so two large trees (Messmates – Eucalyptus obliqua) came down together. My neighbour called me up and said that he heard and felt a great crash. I inspected the site and realised right away it was too big for me to tackle so I called Bo.

This is him in action.

When you need something fixed immediately it’s often not an option to rely on others. So bit by bit I began to learn all these new skills and what was rather scary and frustrating at first has become very rewarding. I certainly feel more independent. I even learnt how to change a spark plug on a petrol pump. Wow that’s huge for me but I told my retired engineer neighbour that the other day and he laughed.

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