Freedom of Expression: Go To Hell

The true spirit of humanity is the expression of our freedom. All spiritedness springs from that inner feeling of a liberated self. It’s not necessarily a physical thing but for many it can be. For others the most important freedom is freedom of thought.

This pic was taken in Sydney a few years ago at a rally. I guess the sign carrier didn’t understand irony. It’s kind of tragic really.


With all the bombs going off around the planet how much freedom do we allow? Freedom of travel. Freedom to express what we feel. Freedom to live our lives how we want.

I am first and foremost a libertarian so I advocate stretching the boundaries of freedom – a lot. But of course meddling governments don’t allow it. I loved it when Apple told the American government to politely shove their request for help to hack the iPhone of one of the killers in the San Bernadino shooting. For months the FBI had been looking for a compelling case to weaken iPhone security.

Admittedly governments have tough choices to make because when things go wrong it’s the people that pick up the bill – certainly not corporations. A case in point is vaccination. You need herd immunity for vaccinations to be properly successful. But that requires a compliant population. If enough parents choose not to vaccinate their children then governments have a problem.



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  1. Great article. Having thought we were such a hybrid of all parties, during this interesting time have realized we too lean primarily Libertarian as many people are willing to simply forgo freedom in the name of fear. This has been one of the most transformational times for me & hubby who are over 70, he 80. For decades we have studied much about world history & how things have been structured for eons along with many spiritual studies and now the big test for humanity. Even for us another layer of the veil uncovered. It has been An Awakening for sure and it is heartwarming to see so many millions upon millions of beloved human beings waking up and holding the space for everyone else. There is an inner knowing that we have crossed this bridge before & no, we do not consent & yes, we are sovereign beings & we welcome The New Earth right now. Vaccinations, control, power, greed, authoritarianism are simply the old paradigm & not the new frequencies. This requires each responsibility for self & the whole, no longer giving power away to the few & not victimhood Infinite Gratitude.

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