A Visit from Mel and Collie

Mel and Collie visited the other day. It was good to see them. They drifted in like a soft shadow moving under the canopy of a forest. They are not always so welcome but this visit was rather lovely. They helped quieten my mind and reflect on these past weeks.

cut-leaf-daisy-cjwMany people don’t like Mel and Collie. They force them to turn within and look at our lives. They say they are too quiet. Not enough get up and go. Not enough enthusiasm. To be sure, Mel and Collie can get a bit much at times. They can get a tad soporific.

If they are around for too long I can get a bit despondent, but during their visits I have had some truly insightful moments. Beautiful feelings of wonder and quiet contemplation. Poignant times really.

So all in all, I have enjoyed their company over the years, but I do have to tell them to leave if they overstay their welcome. Oh well, I know they will be back to show me new things. I hope so.

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