A Devotion to God


Do I believe in God? To believe in something suggests an uncertainty. I don’t “believe” in my car. It’s right outside – I can see it. I know that it’s there.

Belief requires at least some faith. That’s not science, but I don’t really care (see my other article – Science and Religion…). I like the idea of devoting myself to God or what I like to call the Great Spirit. It’s very rewarding. It matters little to me whether the Great Spirit is hanging out in a glorified place somewhere up there, or if the GS is a life force made up of little vibrating strings that keep the universe cruising along.

What matters to me is my relationship to the divine. This spark of energy that pervades all things. So if that’s faith, then sweet – fine with me. But one thing I do believe: this life force energy, this Great Spirit has no volition. It has no judgement to pass, no morality. So we are not special or chosen by the almighty. The GS is not an energy that wags it’s cosmic finger and says “tut-tut” you have been very naughty today and here is your punishment.

Or you’ve been good, so the GS going to give you a nice piece of chocolate cake and a house in the south of France. That’s a load of cobblers. We create our own opportunities by experiencing the great feast of life. From that we set our moral compass.

But a devotion is God is a truly beautiful thing. My devotion relates to humankind and nature and our place within the cosmos. The awe-inspiring wonder of it all is breathtaking. So a couple of times a week, my partner and I go to our sacred tree and give thanks to the Great Spirit. Sometimes we even subject visitors to our dear little ritual. We truly love it. It’s our reminder that this dimension, despite all the mayhem and cruelty, is still a beautiful place to hang out. There is a lot of kindness here. We just have to align to that part of it. A devotion to God or GS is a good way (even a fun way really) to do that.

*Aside: But maybe it’s prudent to believe in God. Because if you don’t and in time you find yourself at the pearly gates, then you’re in trouble. But if you do – whichever way it goes – pearly gates or cosmic dispersion – then all is well and good.

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