Feelings, Reality and Illusion


Many a year ago I read a book named The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach. It was a great little read about two men who strike up a relationship – one student, one teacher. The teacher, Donald William Shimoda, passes on knowledge of miracles and the illusory nature of the world to Richard, the student.

I do remember one of the little teachings that Shimoda imparts. I don’t remember what was actually in the book but here is my attempt to give an account of what I learnt of the passage.

A teacher is with his student and the teacher is explaining the nature of illusion and reality. The teacher tells the student to look up at the sky and explain what is there.

“I see blue sky with clouds” says the student.

“Ok so now explain to me your feelings of what you see”.

“The blue is a darker blue today and the clouds suggest that it may rain tomorrow”.

“Yes but what do you feel?”

“The sky is beautiful and the clouds are delicate and serene. I feel at peace just looking at them.”

“The image is a dream not the world. The beauty is real. What you feel is reality.”

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