Coffee: What Happened After 4 Months of Going Without

Last week I had a caffeinated coffee for the first time in four months. This was my body/mind reaction:

After about 10 mins I began to feel a heightened sense of awareness.

After 15 minutes all things around me took on a special new glow with colours being more intense. Sounds were clearer. It was subtle but quite noticeable.

After 20 minutes I became excessively talkative asserting myself confidently at our table in the coffee shop. Also at this point I started to sweat from the armpits.

After more than 30 minutes we were back in the car and I noticed that the lights of the stereo in the dash we brighter and more intense. I drove the car in a very relaxed, chilled out manner. Calm and slow. I also noticed a slight tingling sensation in my fingers.

After 45 minutes we were on the beach and everything was brighter with the outline of things being more sharply delineated. I was more focused on the movement of water when looking out at the waves and also how it moved around my feet.

Coffee beans before roasting

Caffeine is a stimulant and allows neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and endorphins to do their work in our bodies. This gives us that lift in mood. But it is known that for everyday drinkers, having a coffee does not produce the effects noted above, as you build up a tolerance to caffeine. But your morning coffee does bring you back to “normal” as without it you can feel sluggish and lack concentration. Many people experience headaches and other side effects after quitting caffeinated drinks. However there are some health benefits – check them out here.

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