Will Love Triumph?

stu-working-london-newRepublished © Stuart Wilde – Note from CJWild: This is a Stuart Wilde article and the views expressed in the text are not necessarily my own

It’s nice to believe that love will, in the end, triumph over evil and nastiness. However, when looking at our world and situations like the insane slaughter of innocents in the chase for Brother Bin, and the gradual development of the world-wide Police State via techno-fascism, one wonders how the force of good might win, faced as it is by what seems to be insurmountable odds.

Is “love conquers all” just an anthem for dreamers and dippy utopian idealist, or is there a basis to the idea that good will out last evil?


My old teacher used to say that negative energy moves very quickly and though positive energy is more powerful, it moves very much more slowly.

The question I have struggled with is this: even if the world is changing for the better at a grass roots level, would that make much difference? The hierarchies at the top are drifting the other way, toward more control, nastier governments, and more power concentrated at the top. So how can an ordinary individual change anything, or impact the way society operates? The ordinary individual has no say as to what actions are taken or what laws are passed from above.

The seemingly helpless position of ordinary people is a troublesome reminder of the weak under belly of ‘the love conquers all’ idea. It may conquer all, but not when there are a bunch of power trippers and neo-Nazis at the top.”

Love, expressed as a sentiment, is invisible. Love expressed overtly in the form of acts of kindness and compassion, are not usually dramatic. They are often silent, unobtrusive actions, performed by kind people who don’t need hoopla and recognition. Negativity, expressed internally is hatred, and externally it is seen in the emotional, intellectual, and physical violence, which is reported day-to-day.

Scientists have come to agree that the stars and galaxies of our universe make up only 10% of the total visible matter in the universe; the rest of the universe is dark matter. It is either burnt out stars or heavy particles of hot dark matter called MACHOs (Massive Astrophysical Compact Halo Objects), or particles of cool dark mater, amusingly named WIMPs (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles).

Perhaps the relationship between negative energy and love is in the same 10%-90% ratio. Love is so invisible and quiet, while hate and negative energy is so prevalent and obvious, that maybe we’re in a dimension of 10% love (light) and 90% hate (dark energy).

It’s encouraging to realize that negative energy can’t last; it has a limited shelf life. It always destroys itself; love is eternal. For some reason that no one really understands, negative energy turns ’round on itself, returning back from whence it came. It’s a little more complicated than “as you sow, so you shall reap”. I think its boomerang characteristics are to do with shape and velocity. Negative energy moves outward at high speed and it returns eventually to its instigator at an even higher velocity. Often that fast moving negative wave returning to its original source proves fatal for that person.

Love, rolling out more slowly and bouncing back in a more leisurely way, returns as enhanced love, which serves to enliven and uplift the instigator of that love.

I’ve wondered what it was that the different positive and negative waves actually bounce off. Why does energy come back to us as it does? In the end, I decided that maybe the energies don’t bounce, instead they return because of the shape of our reality. Some scientists say our reality is torus1, twisted in the middle looking like a figure of eight. So energy going out travels round the “8” shape and ends up where it started. Cosmologists know from mathematics that there are only three possible shapes to the universe: A lumpy ball shape, a smooth ball shape, or a saddle shape. The saddle shape is correct, so you can see how the twisted donut (torus) came about.

But our immediate 3-D reality is in fact, a sphere, which comes from the symmetry of 3-D particles that have ½ spin. It’s like that early tennis-style computer game, called Pong. If the cursor went out of view at the top right of your screen, it came back in bottom left. That is because your computer screen represents a portion of a sphere. So ‘shape’ may explain why we observe that the energy we put out comes back to us. So negative energy leaves from your head and comes back to bite you on the bum!

masc-feminine-spirituality-mp3Negative energy is hard to handle because it’s moving very fast. When you put out negative energy you don’t have to handle it as it’s leaving you and heading toward someone else, but once it returns, you then have to accommodate it. In the return journey it picks up speed. At first it will feel good; you get to relive your nastiness, gloating at your destructive power. But as the energy builds it becomes unstable. As I discussed in God’s Gladiators, deep inside negative energy is a ‘built in’ program for its own destruction. This is because as it develops velocity it seeks to rotate up to a higher level, it wants to become ever more dynamic, controlling, and destructive. As it tries to rise it becomes unstable and it collapses. All evil empires fall in the end.

In addition, negative people are drawn to others of the same ilk, so they exist in an energy field that is more competitive, violent and dangerous. A negative person is by nature etherically closed down from God and the light. You can see their etheric as a wave going out from them that is turned inwards at the edges. It’s a protective thing, shielding them from their pain and the threat of other negative people around them. In that ‘turned in’ state they pull energy from all around them like a vacuum cleaner. Their etheric is sucking or pulling energy inwards even though they may be projecting hate outwards. It’s a pulse, negative out, negative in.

Love is open and outgoing and as it travels away from you, it flows over any incoming negative waves, thus protecting you and simultaneously repelling energy of the opposite negative polarity.

Remember, we might be led by rather nasty power trippers, dressed in conservative suits, who delight in feeding off us and acting in satanic ways on our behalf, but at a grass roots level the light is winning. Ordinary people rarely get on television and even more rarely do they act unilaterally on the behalf of others. Meanwhile, the satanic vibe of our leaders has centre stage on television for hours on end. It’s easy to become depressed and feel that the power trippers’ world is all that there is, but in fact their world is in the minority. They are part of a manifestation of our externalised collective shadow. The shadow is only a small part of the whole of the global mind, but it is a powerful part, for the men and women manipulating us from above are shielded by the phoney righteousness of evil laws that allow them to order us to war, take our property, and incarcerate us if we resist.

I think if the overall karma and energy of a nation turns negative, by the manipulation of the people via the media and the actions of the government, then even a nice, simple, loving person can become influenced and swept away in a tide of collective hatred and vengeance. The trick in my view is to keep reminding yourself that what you are watching on television is only a small percentage of the overall energy or mind-set of our people. The greater numbers of our people are kind, honest, peaceful, and hard working. You have to disconnect yourself from the overall feeling of hopelessness that the media loves to sell; it’s just a control trip.

Don’t loose your cool and remember the light is winning, and if your nation is led into a spiral of hatred and war, detach from it and keep reminding yourself it’s the work of the satanic minority. They are pre-programmed to collapse and they will. Meanwhile keep expressing love as much as possible, while always keeping one eye on the back door just in case.

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