The Future of Renewables


Great little article in Clean Technica on the future of renewables with James Fenton:

The Future Of Renewables: An Interview With James Fenton.

The thought that solar and electric vehicles (EVs) would ever be viable, prominent energy alternatives was a revolutionary idea a few years ago. Now, EVs are becoming more affordable and efficiency levels are consistently on the rise, opening the door to a renewable energy future.

“People will say there’s hardly any solar around, and they’ll say the same thing about electric vehicles,” says James Fenton, director of the University of Central Florida’s Florida Solar Energy Center and newly appointed ECS Secretary. “But imagine you’re running a marathon and the people in the lead are at the five mile mark and you’re at 100 feet, but you’re running twice as fast. You might be behind, but you’re going to win the race. That’s where we are right now with solar and electric vehicles; we’re running twice as fast.”

……Read the full article

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