Why You Should Avoid Asian Seafood

Modern intensive agriculture relies heavily on antibiotics to ward off disease in animals. We all know the dangers: microorganisms build up resistance to antibiotics evolving into superbugs. These get into the food chain causing disease wherever the food is consumed.

Chinese seafood is of particular concern due to their practice of nutrient recycling – the nutrients that fatten the pigs and geese also feed the fish. And the pigs get fed a lot of antibiotics.

What is below the surface?

China exports a whopping 60% of the worlds seafood trade. Vietnam, another heavy user of antibiotics, is also a big exporter – it’s the fifth biggest shrimp (prawn) exporter. And just because your seafood is labeled as coming from Malaysia, doesn’t mean that is the country of origin. Because companies use sneaky ways to distribute their product, it could easily be farmed in China or Vietnam.

And countries like the US and Australia only check a tiny fraction of imported seafood for contaminants like antibiotics.

Check out the full article at Bloomberg: How antibiotic tainted seafood from china ends up on your table

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