Genesis: Heartfelt Music Album

Genesis is by Greenwood’s Larry Hogan and Charlie Shanks along with Stuart Wilde and David Lord – the team that created Voice of the Celtic Myth. I wasn’t around much when the lads were making Genesis but I remember getting the rough mix from Stuart Wilde many years ago. My immediate thoughts were that this was a very special album. It was a long time thereafter for it to be officially released.


Charlie Shanks and Stuart Wilde

The vocals by Larry along with the many other singers are simply sublime. Some tracks are incredibly moving others delightfully exuberant in classic Greenwood style. Two in particular stand out – Far from Eden and The Innocents. I have played them countless times. (I only recently found out from David Lord that the children’s vocals were sung by Holly and Beatrice Hammill – daughters of the musician Peter Hamill).

Fiona plays the whole album on loop for creative inspiration. Such joyful music.

Quiet Earth has it on special for a bit. Here is the blurb on the website:

genesisA Heartfelt Album of Beautiful, Inspiring Songs and Music

Genesis is a passionate album from Greenwood, the team that created the highly praised Voice of the Celtic Myth – Larry Hogan, Charlie Shanks and Stuart Wilde along with David Lord. It celebrates the story of the beginning of man, following mythical song lines from Africa to Europe to Ireland.

Featuring exquisite solo singing, choir and a symphony of instruments, this rapturous musical journey will lift you to the heavens and gently bring you back to earth; wrapping you in the glow of an enchanted world. Immersing yourself in Genesis will create a lingering sense of deep joy. 

Dedicated to Stuart Wilde, this is timeless music that will keep his spirit alive and connect us to the grace of all humanity.

Music by Larry Hogan, David Lord and Stuart Wilde
Recorded and Produced by David Lord
Lyrics by Stuart Wilde
Concept and Story by Charlie Shanks and Stuart Wilde

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