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Question and answer sessions: Worldly Things

Does Spirituality Belong in Politics?

Q: I read in one of your books that you can’t divorce politics from spirituality. Can you explain this, Stuart?

A: The main part of our spirituality is to learn to love in a world that is intrinsically restricted and dominated by ego and fear. We have to express our spiritual journey in the context of a physical body that exists in a society, so it’s impossible to divorce politics from spirituality when politics impinges so dramatically on one’s freedom.

For example, a political system that is in cahoots with bankers and the multinationals will seek to write rules that sustain such an elitist association. The government is above the law, and the multinationals are beyond the law for they can take their business anywhere. So, although they have to abide by the rules theoretically, they exercise enormous power. They are the employers of the ordinary people, so it’s not hard for them to get the government to write rules that serve the corporate purpose.

All this regulation and appeasing of the bankers imposes restriction upon people. The idea is to create societies of drones who will give their lives to the institutions and support the government, while the government spends money like a drunken gambler. A system that controls wages and the conditions of labor — while taxing people 55 percent or more of their income — in effect controls people’s ability to express themselves, while simultaneously capturing or controlling 55 percent of their mobility.

We come to the Earth plane to purchase experiences, to collect knowledge, and to understand ourselves in the context of creativity and action. Purchasing action and experiences is part of our spiritual journey as humans. And in a political situation, where mobility is restricted and commercial activity is regulated in favor of big business, where most of the proceeds of your efforts are taken from you, it naturally reduces your ability to experience life, to learn, and grow. So one can’t divorce politics from spirituality.

Unfortunately, our leaders are 35 to 40 years behind the main thrust of consciousness. The driving forces in politics have been globalisation, monetary policies designed by bankers, domination by big business, surreptitious international standardisation and regulation, multiculturalism, one-world government, the cashless society, and endless debt to sustain the system. The idea is to homogenise our societies, to lose or disempower the individual, to marginalise dissent via control, to manipulate the media, and to build societies of drones that will work for low wages and suffer punitive taxes to sustain the elitist order.

Yet, the mind-set of ordinary people is going the other way. They are becoming more conscious; they want to be individuals and express themselves. They have woken up to the idea that debt is a form of imprisonment. They want mobility and quality of life.

Tax was sold to people in a socialist guise, but people are waking to the reality of the old manipulation, which said that paying half or more of your money to the government was reasonable, for you were helping your fellow citizens. Of course we have come to see this for the lie it is, for much of the money never reaches the citizens. And what does reach the citizens makes them dependent on the system. It disempowers people, truncating their creativity and forward movement.

As the consciousness movement has grown, people have moved away from the manufactured mind-set of consent, and toward liberty and freedom and the empowerment of individuals and small groups of people. The hippie ashram of the 1960s was the forerunner of our society’s future, where small groups work together to become self-sufficient; where society, love and friendship, leisure and time off, creativity, and care for the environment are more important than the nine-to-five imprisonment of tick-tock, which only offers the illusion of security, not actual security. Security comes from local society, friendships, connections, the love of people and God, and a respect for the natural ebb and flow of nature. Security stems from well-being and a debt-free, stress-free existence.

So, the minds of the conscious people are going one way, and the government and the institutions are going the other way. The revolutions and upheavals that were a part of the collapse of communism will become common in our Western nations as people come to realise that they are victims of a huge con game. The days of the big families, the bankers, and the sleazy political collusion that sustains the great lie are numbered. Spirituality is moving to a new level; it’s a natural part of human progress, and politics is moving the other way. Politics will lose, and spirituality will win in the end.

As the consciousness movement has grown, people have moved away from the manufactured mind-set of consent, and toward liberty and freedom and the empowerment of individuals and small groups of people.

Can We Stop the Destruction?

Q: How can we stop the planet from destruction? When I read the papers or hear the news, I get the feeling that there isn’t much we can do to save it. Our natural resources are being usurped and polluted, and people are starving. Is it too late?

A: The idea that this planet is lacking in things is a concept for the brain-dead. We’ve got more than we can ever cope with. The idea that it is all falling apart is true. The ego’s world is falling apart; the ego’s opinion, the world ego, our national egos are all falling apart. But our planet isn’t. Our planet is fine. Yes, we have to care for it and look after it, but it isn’t about to collapse.

Every generation of people that has been on this planet has thought this was the end, because the ego cannot reconcile its own end. If it is conking out, then everything else must be conking out, too. It’s that apocalyptic “end-of-the-world” idea that the ego has. It thinks, Hey if I’m dying, everyone else has to die, too. I can’t be the only twit who has conked out while everybody else is having a nice time. You can see it for what it is – nothing more than your opinions.

Get away from your opinions, don’t worry about it when things contradict you, don’t worry about it when you hear things you don’t like, and don’t worry about how it is supposed to be. Just stay focused on who you are and what you want. If you keep moving, suddenly this etheric inside of you will start to grow very quickly because you will be liberated.

Leadership Today

Q: If you had the opportunity to stand before all the word leaders, what would you say to them?

A: I don’t know whether the wisdom of our planet ever rests with our leaders. It lies mostly with wise men and women who are not in the spotlight. I think by the very virtue of being on the podium, up on the stage, on the throne, head of all, they are usually complete idiots.

However, if I had a chance to stand before the world leaders, I would tell them they cannot continue the way they’re going. Firstly, we have to have respect for our planet’s well-being. Second, we have to have respect for the spiritual development of humanity. I’d also point out to the leaders that their thinking is old-fashioned, and that in order for them to stay in power, they have to let go and allow people to be. Then I think I would say, “You’re fired!” because I don’t see how the current leaders will change; they belong to an old evolution that is unnatural and outdated.

What we need is to change our leaders without hurting anyone and without any violence. The way these characters are running our planet into the ground is very bad karma. Eventually people will wake up and get very pissed off, and the leaders will be in serious trouble. I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt. I think I’d ask the leaders politely to quit while they safely can. With the change in spirituality and the velocity of the worldwide expansion in consciousness, the current system won’t last.

As people’s consciousness evolves, countries become less able to be governed. People just won’t accept the manipulative control and power from the upper echelons. They don’t regard the leaders as ambassadors capable of overseeing the real needs of society. Leaders no longer command as much respect, because most of them are sleaze-bags, liars, and phonies, and everybody knows it. If we had honourable leaders like Gandhi, I’m sure people would give them a lot more respect. But the fact is, in this stage of our evolution, we are pulling to us the kinds of leaders that reflect a selfish, ego-mad attitude that is part of the way society is.

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