A Q&A about the Wild(e)s

Because of our last names, I get quite a few questions about my relationship with Stuart Wilde. To help with answers I have done a little Q&A. In this pic, Stuie of course is on the left and I am on the right. Martini in the middle.


Are you and Stuart related?
No. My full name is Christopher James Wild so we share both last and middle names (except I am “Wild” not “Wilde”). I am mostly known as Chris (my writing/artist name is James Wild).

When did you and Stuart meet?
We met in Melbourne, Australia, in the year of our Lord, 1986.

Did you travel with Stuart?
Yes I did — on and off for over 15 years. I was involved in the management and running of the seminars and took care of the audio and music side of things.

Were the seminars as “wild” as some people say?
Yes – and some. The seminars were exhilarating, exhausting, hilarious and kaleidoscopic. A good single word description would be: otherworldly — like entering a tempestuous dimension; an off-kilter hyper-reality and continually being compelled to deal with new experiences. It wasn’t only the seminars — there was always a heightened state of energy travelling about with Stuart. It was quite intense but thankfully with Stuart we had periods of quiet times and reflection. Check this article out for more on that.

When did you start selling Stuart’s products?
In 1987. I worked for a company that he part owned in Australia called The Mystic Trader. We sold Stuart’s tapes and ever since that time I have been involved in selling and producing his titles. Now our company Quiet Earth is the largest source of his titles in the world.

Did you and Stuart argue and fight?
We were good friends. We didn’t fight and rarely argued but we did get annoyed with one another. We were both at times stubborn and competitive but we understood that time out was a good thing.

Was Stuart a Guru?
Not in the traditional sense. He was more of a stand up comedian who had many compelling and wise things to say on life the universe the everything. His philosophy was very Taoist and so didn’t care for the guru life of having acolytes and forming groups.

Did Stuart fake his death and is now living in the south of France sipping champagne?

Will Stuart step back into the earth plane and teach again?
I doubt it. He believed once you leaved this dimension you wouldn’t want to come back. Seriously, would you?

Lastly, what about Michael Wild who is listed as an artist at Quiet Earth?
He is my brother – excellent composer of ambient, relaxing, space music.