A Spiritual Revolution

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Question and answer sessions Part 8: A Spiritual Revolution
(Excerpts from question and answer sessions given by Stuart Wilde)

Q: How can we help usher a spiritual revolution on Earth at a faster rate? It frustrates me when I see and experience the ignorance that rules our planet.

A: I’m working on a novel that discusses the concept of the “professional waiter”.** The professional waiter is a person who can wait inside their infinity, opposed to an amateur waiter who waits inside their emotions. So an amateur waiter can wait for 20 minutes or so, but in the end their personality dominates and they get impatient. The professional waiter is immortal and can just wait forever. So we don’t have to do anything to create a spiritual revolution on our planet, other than embrace spiritual ideas inside our hearts, bypassing our fears and attempting to live this new evolution.

Our systems are categorically, absolutely, bound to collapse. They have absolutely no place they can go other than fall apart. Why? Because until they fall apart, we can never set our people free, and the desire in the hearts and souls of people is freedom. At the moment, most people can’t embrace freedom because it is scary, so they are playing freedom “nip and tuck”. But once they understand what freedom is all about, the systems will disappear, possibly by the next generation. We don’t have to do anything — just wait and watch the systems crumble.

Q: What will be the biggest spiritual challenge in the new millennium?

A: I think the biggest spiritual challenge in the new millennium will be trying to sustain a spiritual stance of love, kindness, and benevolence in what will be a chaotically imbalance society. If you haven’t figured out where you’re going to retreat to in the first few years of the century and onwards, you should start thinking about it. You’re going to want a bit of distance from the run-of-the-mill energy of the collective evolution.

Q: I like the idea of moving into a new dimension of existence of Earth, but how can I prepare myself for change? Already I see the world hurling toward virtual collapse, and it seems rather daunting.

A: I like watching things crumble, especially when what is crumbling is the institutional, patriarchal dominance of people. As you watch it crumbling, rather than being scared and wondering whether the insurance company will pay up, know that the true insurance is in your energy and in your ability. Your guarantee lies in your skills and enthusiasm, in your love for your family and friends, and in your courage. What will happen? You’ll be fine. As you begin to move away from the evolution of people, you move away from tribal emotions and its level of energy. You will then be able to walk through the middle of a riot and nobody will notice you. Just continue to believe that your life is sacred, and the upcoming changes won’t seem so daunting.

**CJWild Note: Stuart did not finish this novel.

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