Songs of the Forest

songs of the forestAn album I recorded for the sheer pleasure of listening to birds.

Birdsong could very well be the most beautiful music in the world and the Grey Shrike-thrush has given us oodles of listening pleasure while living at Mount Macedon in Australia. The idea for this title began one day when Fiona and I were outside soaking up the lovely atmosphere of the forest and a Shrike-thrush was overhead in full song. It was so delightful that I fetched my recorder and captured some great audio. It inspired me to get more and the result is 70 min of uninterrupted birdsong (the video below at YouTube is a small excerpt). Featured are many individual birds and I managed to include the intriguing dance of courtship and the enchanting call and response of individual pairs.

It was a joy to create this album and simply marvellous how many of our neighbours comment on the beautiful singing of this bird. Nature is indeed a wonder to behold. Enjoy!!

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