Having a Big Problem with the Truth?

stu-working-london-newRepublished © Stuart Wilde – Note from CJWild: This is a Stuart Wilde article so the views expressed in the text are not necessarily my own.

Q&A sessions – Part 9

Having a Big Problem with Truth?

Q: Why do you think so many people have such a big problem with truth?

A: The reason people have such a problem with truth is really a matter of two things: self-image and security. Let me explain this to you in terms of the etheric.

The etheric is the bio-electric energy field or life force that emanates from the physical body. A person who has a weak etheric doesn’t have a strong sense of self.

They have been squashed down in life, victimized, abused, or perhaps they’ve just never experienced being a successful person. They will feel overwhelmed by circumstances, they will always feel they are under-performing, and they will place themselves below everyone else. They might walk into a restaurant and feel shy as people look at them walking to their table. At parties or in the company of other people, they will place themselves lower, or judge themselves in light of the people around them. Because of that insecurity and poor self-image, people have to compensate. When you meet a person who is a typical babbling brook: “Yak, yak, yak, I’ve done this, I’ve experienced that,” they are trying to cover up their poor self-image, poor self-worth, and fear. They are covering up the fact that they are scared.

So, entering the truth of who you are, the silence within, is an incredibly holy, spiritual, and courageous thing to do. It is about accepting yourself as no more than what you are at this point in time.

There is an incredible spiritual power in accepting who you are, knowing, of course, that you can strengthen yourself at a later date.

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