We May Be Running But Are Rarely in a Hurry

What’s the hurry? Are you going somewhere or are you Being?

Isn’t it refreshing when we see people who manage to have a full day of activity and get things done almost effortlessly without any hurrying? I marvel at it.

In my travels I am constantly reminded of how similar we all are. People are happier when they are relaxed and not in a hurry – not that complicated really.

Our Bamboo Shack, Thailand

Last week we stayed in a delightful little village in southern Thailand – Koh Lanta Old Town. The pace was lovely. Such a contrast coming from Australia where everyone seems to be rushing about. In Aussie slang it’s called “running around like a blue-arsed fly”.

The world is chock full of blue-arsed flies. More caffeine, more consumption, more conniptions. Tattering from texting and tweeting. A seemingly constant projecting vigilant state keeping the treadmill going. No time to reflect. So why do we get it so wrong, so often? Maybe it’s fear of missing out on something? Or just keeping the mind busy to ward off the pressures of our modern world?

The biggest mistakes I have made in my life are when I have been on the hurry up – physically when moving about and also when making decisions. And isn’t it true that we have met people who have lots of energy, running about, doing, doing, doing, but are jarring to those around them.

I used to be a bit of a blue-arsed fly so mind-shifting to slowness took some working out. Getting older will always slow us down but for me it mostly came down to a deliberate, percipient, behavioural change. I don’t do as many things but am more fulfilled for sure.

Society wants us working hard, contributing and making things happen. Try this: when someone asks you: “What do you do?”, answer: “Not much really – In fact I try to do as little as possible”. Some will laugh, but others will feel uneasy because you’re not doing your bit. Not signing up to the program. And older people who have worked hard all their lives will think you are a slacker or a weirdo or likely both.

When walking our pace should be a notch down from those around us. Practice it – after a while it becomes natural.

Driving should be more like drifting about. We can still focus and be attentive but take it easy or take the scenic route just to get off the well worn, frantic track.

Byron Bay, Australia, Photo CJWild

When we eat we always have time.

When we run and move about quickly we do so in celebration, not out of a anxiousness.

Importantly we don’t hurry for someone’s wanting; someone’s imbalance. If you’re late, you’re late and they deal with that how they choose.

This pace means people get a bit agro at times. We are holding them up from their important destination. From their doings. So what’s the hurry? We need to get back to being human beings and relax about the human doings.

Walk, run, eat, play, work – but rarely in a hurry.

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