The Grace of Tenderness

stu-working-london-newRepublished © Stuart Wilde – Note from CJWild: This is a Stuart Wilde article – and a good one.

Tenderness is one of the three graces [along with generosity and respect]. Through tenderness you arrive back in the lap of the Gods for the celestial world is soft and feminine.

In thousands of trips through the mirror-world and the celestial dimensions I have never seen one jot of evidence for the concept of God the Father, or God the Son. And God the Holy Ghost just makes one titter, as it is utterly silly. The celestial is very feminine and while there may not be any one single entity as God, if there is one, there is no doubt that she’s a woman.

The spiritual journey through life is one of calm and that brings healing and softness, and in that calm is a gentleness. If you are gentle then you will have a tendency to be tender towards others. It is the stress of the yang world that makes us hard and nasty. The valley spirit of the Tao was considered eternal, as they believed it was the feminine spirit made manifest in nature. As we watch the valley spirit in the trees and the animals, and how water flows, we see the lessons of the celestial in motion around us.

Through tenderness we move from the insistence of the intellectual mind to the warmth of the heart and there in that warmth we soon find humans in need, people that live in a harsh, ugly world that are desperate for a little tenderness. The acidity of their lives is killing them.

So we begin by being tender toward ourselves, by being not too critical or harsh and we offer that same feeling to others. It starts with the act of looking at the world with a soft eye and then we lean forward to embrace humanity and serve in whatever way we can. A helping hand here, a kind word there, whatever is needed. As you walk through the streets of a town say, you are in essence walking through the casualty ward of the human ego that has been decimated by power struggles and defeats, and the failure of the human mind to provide solace to a rapacious soul that seeks to satisfy itself.


Michael Leunig –

What you are watching is the death of human souls, people so inured in the cold ugliness of their minds that they don’t even realize they are rotting, their souls and dying. Through your tenderness you act as the angel of mercy for those few condemned souls that want to turn from the abyss.

Tenderness offers you redemption and through it you offer redemption to others. In watching carefully when you act harshly or when you go cold you soon see the difference between your tenderness and a lack of it. Essentially, tenderness is how we express a love for humanity and nature, and we show a silent respect for the glory of the feminine spirit.

Tenderness helps you to help others.

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