“They Found the Boys”

The other day I was sitting in a cafe in Pai, Northern Thailand (which is just a few hours from where the 13 boys were trapped in a cave) and I received a text message from Fiona saying “They found the boys”.

Tears welled up in my eyes – tears of joy and I felt a flood of emotional relief. I knew it was causing me anguish as the missing boys were niggling at my thoughts ever since I first heard about them. Probably also because we are not far from the cave area.

To help us centre our energy Fiona and I found a lovely tree and said a prayer for the boys and the rescuers.

The cafe owner and partner were confused at my emotional change – thinking there was something wrong with me (or the coffee). I tried to explain that they found the boys, choking back the tears but they did not understand. I brought my laptop over to the counter and showed them the news and they smiled and cheered – of course they had already heard about it.


As I write an extraordinary international effort has just rescued all the boys.

People badger on incessantly about the world and the nastier side of humanity so it’s tremendous to see such a massive effort put into the rescue. Countries coming together. Just dedicated people who have a common focussed goal.

Of course some cynics will say – what about all the other dark things that go on around the world that we don’t pay attention to?

Well bollox to that. Humanity just scored a goal.

Thanks to all those who were involved in the remarkable rescue.



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