The Story of Om and Ka

stu-working-london-newRepublished © Stuart Wilde – Note from CJWild: This is a Stuart Wilde story.

Here is a legend of the void that’s very sweet.

In the beginning there was a vast space, it was very beautiful but it was very dark and cold and wide. It was feminine and the Higher Gods called her Om. There was also light, it was blisteringly hot because it was held in a very confined space, the light was masculine and his name was given as Ka. Om thought she would die because she was so cold and lonely, and Ka also thought he was dying because he was so restricted and hot.

He said to Om, “Why don’t you let me fly around your vast space? I can warm you up and give you light and in doing so I can cool myself down because you are so beautiful and wide and vast.” She agreed. So Ka flew around the vast emptiness of Om, she saved him from the heat and he in turn saved her from the cold. Both had a great love for each other and they were both very grateful.

From the union of Om and Ka came their children, which we know as the stars and galaxies high in the ferment above us. And from the dust of those stars came the grand children of Om and Ka, they came to be know as humans.


After very many eons had passed Om and Ka were both very, very old. He went to her and said, “We have trillions of beautiful children but I am old and I have no heat left,” and she loved all the children but she also knew she was very tired and she could expand no further. So the two of them went hand-in-hand back to the source from whence they came taking all their children with them. They knew exactly and precisely where they all were and so not even one was left behind.

Male and female, birth and re-birth, are the teachings of Om and Ka, and that is the message of the void. We are a microcosm of our celestial parents. Sperm is solidified Ka and a woman’s womb is the human version of Om, the void.

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