Trevor Ravenscroft and the Spirit World

Last week I got around to laying down an audio that I have been wanting to release for some time – an interview in 1986 with the remarkable Trevor Ravenscroft (to give you an insight into Trevor I wrote and article here).

I met a friend in Sydney yesterday – Martin Wetherill — on the right in pic. He flew in from Playa del Carmen, Mexico where he works as a film producer and teacher. During yet another of our wonderful little coffee sessions he said he was fascinated by the interview.


In the audio, Ravenscroft’s underlying theme is about the paths of initiation and and the evolution of consciousness. He talks of how we need to awaken to the spirituality within ourselves, the earth and all of humanity by developing our spirit senses.

He believes that the deductive thinking of the left brain has come to dominate right brain perceptions of the spirit worlds. This has left us spiritually poor and if mankind is to prevail then we need to progress on a modern initiates path. A path of helping people — consciously, purposefully, meaningfully and morally. This will allow us to “begin to see a whole spiritual depth and significance behind every single manifestation of the physical world“.

In the audio Ravenscroft mentions meditation and other techniques to help us along our way.

Martin said something most interesting: when he first attended a Stuart Wilde lecture he learnt something that has stayed with him ever since. If you want to allay confusion – don’t ask questions. If things get too complicated – you relax into not knowing. I am all for the analysed life — we can celebrate our thinking, our desire to learn but we need to give the mind a rest.

So the focus here is not to get caught up in needing to know, but to take a step back from all the chatter, the opinions, the importance and just accept things as they are. I believe that is the doorway Ravenscroft is speaking of — engaging the right brain gives us the freedom to witness, to experience the spirit worlds. Not to override the left brain, but to let our creative impulses, our imagination, our intuitions come out, without the constant chatter of analytical thinking. (Stuart Wilde said the left brain was like the forty chickens in the back of the truck – love that one).

To listen to Trevor Ravenscroft is very special — it’s a very rare recording. He gives us spiritual ideas and perceptions in a calm, gentle and sagacious manner that inspires us to better our lives and all of humanity.

To access the audio click on image below.


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