Getting a Grip on Your Biofield

Auras, etheric energy, bioelectric fields, life force, meridians, morphogenetic fields, ectoplasmic protrusions — just what are all these energy fields and how do they effect us?

I am a believer and group them together using the term bioelectric field or biofield because to me they are all basically one and the same energy.

All living cells and therefore all living things have a physical electromagnetic field. But this field is not scientifically measured to have any significant effect beyond the cellular level or beyond the immediate surface of an organism.

Biofields, on the other hand exist in and around living things (such as you dear reader) and are long ranged — they can extend far from your body.

Many believe, like I do, that the biofield exists in a holistic or global organising form where human action and intention (or human thought) can have far reaching physical effects. Wherever the mind goes, energy flows as someone once said.

This invokes Rupert Sheldrakes morphogenetic fields, Harold Burr’s Life Field, Rudolf Steiner’s etheric force or possibly even Jung’s notion of the collective unconscious; not to mention quantum mechanics where all matter exists as an inseparable whole.

The biofield is not yet scientifically measurable as a coherent field but people may see it as some sort of aura or energy field around the body; or perceive it as meridians for use in acupuncture and acupressure, or chakras (the subtle energy centres of the Indian tradition) or modes of energy healing such as Reiki.

The reason I strongly believe in the biofield is because I have seen it. It appears to me as a diaphanous, glistening, wispy projection from living things — sort of a golden, silvery speckled light that projects from a few inches to many feet from the body. My observations are not a regular occurrence but I have met many people over the years who see etheric fields or auras around living things as a part of their day to day life.

Of course seeing is only one of our senses and we can feel or perceive the biofield in other ways.

The biofield is chock full of energy and information. So if you pass someone in the street and your fields touch, then energy and information is transferred. I say information because within an energy pattern there is information to be gleaned — it’s possible to find out the feelings and mood of a person just by walking past them or even viewing them from a distance.

In fact we are receiving energy from everywhere as I believe we live in a sea of consciousness whereby we can tap into a sort of cosmic library of information.

I understand that these concepts are to some extent unscientific but I believe that in time we will be able to measure the biofield. This makes perfect sense to me as we evolve out of the clockwork Newtonian world our brains live in.


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