The Ivory Tower

Republished © Stuart Wilde – Note from CJWild: This is a Stuart Wilde article and except for my notes at the end the views expressed in the text are not necessarily my own.

Let’s talk about how to become more authentic and how you will turn your evolution to go the other way. For that will empower the marriage of masculine and feminine and light and dark within you. It will show you the way to reconciliation but before you access that you might need that flip of perception.

Life for many is confusing and scary and rather brutal at times. It’s a painful journey through the unknown. There are human predators all around. You have to struggle and compete and work hard to make ends meet. You often have to do that with every rule and every situation stacked against you.

To counteract the fear and struggle the ego builds the psychology of an ivory tower for you to live in. It feels safe in its tower. It protects you from dealing with people intimately and experiencing pain and disappointment. You are elevated in your mind anyway, above the crowd. From there you can gaze down on humanity through your separation and an imagined specialness, and you can tell yourself that the destiny of ordinary people is not your destiny. And you might also decide you’ve been elevated and chosen and made special. That is what the ego likes to be, higher and distanced from others, that is why the ego likes observers and glamor — observers make the ivory tower more real.

And that is why people boast and show off and make a great story of their minor achievements. They seek recognition and status. They seek altitude for their ivory tower. The electricity of the ego sustains the ivory tower. The more electricity a person has, the more they can be moody and capricious and self-centered. The capricious, demanding pop star is an example of the electricity of the ego running rampant. They use their moodiness to sustain the tower of their importance and their divine-like status. They need constant attention, constant input. The ego drives people to seek status and a positioning over others — glitzy stuff, flashy cars, the red carpet and the VIP lounge — all create attention.

And through the incoming energy from others, the ego seeks to falsely elevate itself. It’s our ego’s way of placing itself on center stage. We seek external energy sources to hold us up. It helps us feel safe and less vulnerable. That illusion of specialness comes from the personality’s sense of separation. But that specialness often comes at a terrible price, for in the isolation of elitism and the ivory tower, you become ever so slightly mad. The electricity of the tower fries your senses in the end, as you will need more and more of it to keep the illusion going.

This blinds you to reason. You only see your mind and your ideals and your terms and definitions. The other six billion people here are more or less irrelevant except as to how they might feed the ego’s need. You are on the top of the tower with an old rusty gun marching up and down, guarding the edifice of your ideals. It doesn’t really matter if your ideals are tiring you out, or if they are gradually killing you, as long as you are king or queen of the tower and as long as you can shut out pollution in the form of contradictions of the ego and/or the presence of other humans and other ideas. Of course, at the top of the tower the mad man or the mad women isn’t actually any safer than anyone else. The height is an illusion and the protection is arbitrary at the very least. 

The reason is that the tower costs time, money and stress to maintain – you have to buy a car that’s perhaps more than you can afford, and maybe you live in a place that costs you too much, and then there are all the other trappings that have to be financed, for the ego will want this, then that, and then another thing, and soon you are its slave, rushing about trying to give it what it wants. So you are the king or queen of the castle and you are on the tower with your rusty gun, but in fact you are a prisoner of stress and your ideals, psychologically and spiritually trapped. And being up there can make you lonely and isolated, and usually you will become spiritually cold even though you may pretend to be social and warm, in fact you see everyone as dispensable and perhaps you treat them with disdain and indifference. 

Your ego acts as the Ministry of Authorized Information. It’s up in the mad house and anyone contradicting the edicts of the Minister of Information is due for annihilation, or you’ll banish them from your world and send them away. People that contradict information you hold to be true have to be made wrong and belittled. This is the control mechanism of the demonic side of mankind. It’s our attempt to impose ourselves on others. We know best. We’re the divinely selected ones — the chosen ones. All others must be heretics and heathens because they don’t agree with us, and of course, they can’t be quite as special and chosen as the fool on the roof. For he or she is divinely selected to be something very important and different. As you might have already guessed redemption comes in the end with the collapse of the tower.

Thank you
Stuart Wilde

Note from James Wild: This is classic Stuart Wilde writing and maybe that’s how he finished this piece but it seems to be cut short. I think we can all relate to what he is saying. Especially now that as the world fragments into tribal groups people get stuck in their own personalised comfortable ivory tower.

I daresay dear reader, if we did once live in an ivory tower, I would like to think that we exited. Simply because over the years we have all conscientiously worked to understand what it is to be an authentic spiritual human being, and have rattled our egos to the point where we could no longer face ourselves if we remained. Some of us parachuted out because we couldn’t stand all the bullshit any longer whilst others slowly made their way down as they purged themselves. But all of us returning to mother earth from whence we started our journey. Reborn in some way if you like.

In any rate I would like to think we are now on the ground wandering about in service to humanity without any fuss or pretensions, keeping ourselves in check — so that if we do start to climb back up we quickly recognize our folly and never make it past the first few steps, returning to earth again to freedom. The true spirit of humanity.

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