God-like Beings and the Goddesses

Republished © 2006 Stuart Wilde – Note from CJWild: This is a Stuart Wilde article and the views expressed in the text are not necessarily my own.

I’ve talked about how the concept of the goddess sometimes holds women back as it allows the ego to kick in and causes one to become unrealistic. I also said that those guys that change their western name to something Hindu and declare themselves a living god are full of ego and the power trip that naturally flows from that kind of BS doesn’t help them spiritually. Often that power trip is used to undermine people or students and to use them for personal gain or pleasure.

One of our readers sent me an interesting email about the goddesses thing that I thought put another perspective on it. I have her permission to use it:

Dear Stuart

Regarding the goddess vibe. I think you’ve missed a point – it can be a revelation for a woman to realize the God-force is not just a male energy. You grow up with God the Father – male, and then you’ve got the father, the son and the Holy Ghost – all male (I don’t think of the Holy Ghost with breasts, do you?) – Jesus is male, Buddha is male, Lao tzu is male, Chuang tzu is male, Gandhi is male, Krishnamurti is male, Alan Watts is male, Joseph Campbell is male, Carlos Castaneda is male, Stuart Wilde is male – every damn one of ’em is male. 

We’re left with a virgin (Mary), and a whore (the other Mary) and Louise Hay. So even though a woman hears about the God-force including both male and female, or transcending the concept of male and female, it can be tough to truly get beyond the years and years of indoctrination and really feel that to be real. If you can’t feel it, it’s tough to feel you’re part of the God-force. I felt it in Ireland at your Sacred Sites Tour and I felt it in Annabelle, our hostess – I felt it (as opposed to intellectualized it) that the God force is more than just a male energy – and I hugely appreciated it. That doesn’t mean I think my energy is suddenly more, but my potential energy is, because I feel part of the God force. Not that women are great – but that we’re anything for heaven’s sake.

So my point is similar to the goddess vibe above. If I get excited about some iota of energy I might actually have, it’s not that I’m thinking I have some great energy – it’s because I’m thinking maybe there is a bit of something there, after all. And that seems like a good thing.

love, ……..an anonymous reader 

Dear Reader,

I think you points are very valid. The reason all the gods were male is that metaphysics is a thinking man’s game and most women can’t be bothered with all that churning and thinking, as they have to keep the planet going, and they do so via their feelings, so few of them ever wrote (in the olden days anyway). But that has changed now and there are some great female spiritual writers, not just Louise Hay, and so it’s all on the up and up. 

I can see how hard it must be to believe in a feminine God-force through the programming of a male dominated god line up. However, even though Lao Tzu (or whoever wrote the Tao Te Ching) was male, he got it right by saying the Tao (God-force) is feminine and talking about the immortality of the valley spirit. That’s why Taoism is the only spiritual doctrine that made any sense to me.

It vital for all of us on the path to believe in the God-force within, and the goddess concept helps greatly with that. My only point was that one has to be careful not to go over the top with the idea of a human living god or human female goddess, as the spiritual warrior is like the Tao, humble.

The greatest worry is arriving at the Pearly Gates having accepted definitions and accolades in this life that one’s not entitled to. As a writer and spiritual teacher people project on me accolades that aren’t real. It comes about because I have helped some people, or I have turned their lives around, but that is of no great spiritual consequence. Warmth is the only consequence. 

I have always worried that my ego would buy into the hype and get carried away. The idea of having to explain that at the Pearly Gates fills me with a special dread. So I have gone overboard in this life trying to avoid that trap. My spiritual affirmation at death is this: First, I want to haul as many earth bound spirits/humans to the light as I can. And next, as I pass through, if that is possible, I want to arrive cap-in-hand, head bowed, with a silent apology in my heart. I have always said I am a writer, a street-child, a man with many faults and a few rather undeveloped good qualities– maybe. It is a big “maybe”. Like, I believe and trust in God and I believe in myself. But that is it. There is nothing more.

I have always kept myself mostly hidden away. I move through my own world, working silently in pubs and clubs and night places, I don’t make a secret of my twilight world. The lack of the white robe an obvious spirituality that people can see, gets rid of the holy-moly people , double quick. 

Of course, pissin’ them off hasn’t done much for my career or book sales but I don’t care very much as it’s my “get-out” clause at the Pearly Gates.

Love, love Stuart
(and thanks for writing your nice letter)

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  1. Excellent thoughts! There are actually some wonderful Goddesses in the Pagan traditions that can be referenced and become powerful Avatars for either men or women: Danu, Celtic Mother Goddess, Quan Yin, St Brigid or Brigantia, Hecate, White Buffalo Calf Woman or the Native Peoples of the Great Plains as well as others.

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