Opportunities Abound In a Viral Enforced Restriction

I don’t want to make light of the current epidemic — many people are dying or suffering and it’s a tragedy. But while we are bunkered in and possibly going a bit nutty at times, we need to acknowledge that within all restriction dwells opportunity. It’s simply a matter of teasing it out; to let it bubble up out of the swamp. Here are some things that you can do:

Changes: Write down 7 things that you want to achieve before the overlords say we can all start hugging each other again. If you can’t get 7, then just 4 or whatever.  Then write down 7 things (or however many) that you want to get rid of in your life (there may be cross overs in your two lists). Go for physical things, emotional things, spiritual things. And don’t write down things that you know you won’t achieve. Be realistic. They can be simple things. A simple task or something small that you deeply feel needs changing. Then work on the list over the coming months.

Gardening: We recently bought some acreage in Australia in the subtropics and two months ago built our veggie garden. We are now growing heaps of goodies. Going by the empty veggie section in the nurseries it seems everyone wants to start growing their own food and as a result seedlings are hard to come by, so you may need to sow seed. Naked gardening, or at least in your underpants I am told, can be fun if you live in a warm climate. And remember to talk to your plants. Why not? May as well go mad talking to them. They never argue and they keep on giving. You don’t need much space. Even a balcony can suffice for a few veggies.

Our Garden

(As an aside — I read a book by Jackie French named Soil Food. The two main takeaways are: when gardening you don’t feed the plant but feed the soil. And she recommends lots of compost). 

Go for walks: Seriously – just do it. I can’t stress how important it is to keep moving. Walk as much as you can. In fact any exercise is bound to do you wonders.

Fixing things or sprucing things up: Time to get out the hammer, drill, whatever and fix stuff. Or if you’re not into fixing, just spruce it up a bit with some paint or decoration.

Conversation: Call people up and rave on a bit. It’s possible they’re bored anyway sitting at home and may be glad to hear from you. By distracting them you are probably doing them good.

Wardrobe: Get rid of clothes you don’t wear which is probably most of them. Box them up to be taken to the charity shop when they open next. In fact not just clothes but any stuff that you haven’t used or loved for a while. It is amazing how little we actually need.

Reflection/Meditation: Each morning set aside time for reflection/meditation. Clear your mind, take some deep breaths and just let your mind float. Put your feelings into your body, your mind and see what you come up with.

Okay, so these are my list of opportunities. Not too much really. Yours may be different. Go for it and take care.

James Wild

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