Stay Calm Amid The Quietly Brewing Haste

I don’t have much to contribute on the whys and wherefores of the corona virus emergency. I am going to leave that to the so called experts and the conspiracy theorists to battle over.

I quite like the fact that there is not a lot of planetary activity at the moment. Less cars on the road, less gorging out on restaurants and more eating in, less plastic being consumed and dumped in the oceans. Gaia is taking a breather. I’m sure she is enjoying it. Of course a lot of people are doing it very tough, especially if you live a life on the edge and rely on heightened human activities such as tourism.

Photo: Elija O’Donnell

While the media is in a shrill frenzy it’s good to step back and observe. For the most part the media works for the government to provide us with a drip feed of scary stuff to keep us compliant. You can’t have the customers (us) expressing too much freedom as we may not buy the bullshit. We may end up taking charge of our own destiny.

The governments are revelling. They are opportunistically printing money, dishing it out on a massive scale the world has never before witnessed. The danger is they will use this crisis to get a leg in the door (they already have a foot in) to extend surveillance and control. It’s the direction we have been heading for some time but it’s not inevitable. We are a strange lot and that could be our saving grace — the unpredictable nature of the human spirit.

At the moment there is not much one can do, at least in an outward expressive sense. Protesting will probably make it worse and embolden the government. A good excuse to crack down even more or some will be tweeting, providing support as a way to pretend they are on the people’s side. Which of course they aren’t. They simply fuel the fire as a way to create a distraction from their incompetence.

Whilst we don’t yet have the power to change the military industrial techno apparatus we can do much in other ways. It is vital in these unprecedented times that we stand with our reality and not be blown around by the next scary headline. Keep making our daily actions sacred. Make them precious. Keep them real and true. Accept our predicament and work within the boundaries set without making too much fuss or without making people wrong — even if we think they are wrong. As after all who knows they may be right. Is any of us a virologist? Does our income depend on our opinion like most of the media or the conspiracy theorists?

Pic: Yaroslav Danilchenko

Is this back pedalling a cop-out? No. Reverse gear is almost always best in a crisis. Manufactured or not. You stay strong by removing yourself from the discord and focusing your mind on what is at hand. We don’t know what the planet is going to do but we do know what we ourselves can do. Day by day. We focus on that. We calm ourselves and do not waiver. We do not form strong opinions on complicated things that have been distilled down for us into little bits of information. We celebrate the unknowing.

By accepting the planetary karma, by understanding it, you go beyond it and you don’t have to make it your own. We live in the world but are not caught up in it. Even If you are a health worker who is on the front line. That is your job. You do it with all your courage as most are. Bless you if you are. What a tremendous job you are doing. What bravery. Thank you from all my heart.

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