The Metaphysics of Covid-19

Metaphysically Covid-19 is a masculine imbalance – especially of the intellect. My ideas here are based on spiritual thoughts and feelings interwoven with the elemental forces of nature. I gleaned much of this understanding from a teaching called the Elements of Man — a body of knowledge that was revealed in the 70’s and 80’s by Glynn Braddy and somewhat by Stuart Wilde.

A virus is a pathogen. So in understanding physically what is going on in our bodies we look at the immune system and response to infection. My metaphysical consideration ties in with the two elemental forces of Fire (immune system) and Air (lungs). We each align with all four elements but are naturally allied to two (rarely only one). For this piece I will refer to an individual being an Air element or a Fire element.

As a result of an imbalance, whether in individuals or encompassing a society (cultures and countries have their own elements), various physical signs will manifest. A society that creates the conditions for a virus to run amok is such an imbalance. In the case of Covid-19 the immune system is overrun and weakened and counterintuitively can become overly reactive and attack the body — what epidemiologists call a “cytokine storm”.

Firstly let’s look at Air. The virus primarily affects the lungs which relates to breathing and the element of Air. Air is the intellect, the celebration of mental activity. It is our connection to the greater good and working together for a future goal. Air is also the respect for the past, the community and the storing of the harvest. Under stress an Air element can be miserly and will overload on anger. When judgemental or overly critical, Air becomes polluted and visible. An Air element who self-aggrandises is not respected.

The element of Fire is an archetype of the immune system or immune response. Fire is inspiration and individuality, the belief in possibilities. It is is projecting an idea, a vision, a confidence in manifesting a desire. Fire is the need to be accepted, to be seen but not restrained. When in balance a Fire element provides verbal encouragement and warmth. Under stress a Fire element can overload on judgement and be verbally abusive. When Fire is out of balance the immune system will struggle. It can become weak or overreact and start attacking the body — pillaging itself.

Both Fire and Air are masculine elements (Water and Earth being feminine). The interplay of these two elements is important in understanding the metaphysics of Covid-19. When the intellect is weak there is a lack of inspiration, a lack of vision, as elementally there is not enough oxygen to fuel the Fire. When the intellect is too strong, too judgemental, Air will put out Fire or cause it to rage. When out of balance Fire rages and rapaciously uses up Air.

So if someone were to ask me what do we do about the virus in a metaphysical sense, then in response I would look at these two elemental insights:

AIR — Air is for all of us as a community. Take the air into your lungs understanding that we all breathe the same molecules. Without the breeze we can become stifled; too much and it drains our energy. We respect Air by celebrating our intellectual pursuits; by getting involved in community endeavours. Be wise and generous with your finances. Refrain from judgment but don’t be afraid to speak out about social injustice. Always be prepared to hear what others have to say and to change your opinion or be conciliatory.

FIRE — Allow the fire to burn but don’t let anger rise up into verbal insults or slander. Become an inspiration with your words and actions but don’t annoy people with your plans and blabbering on about your life. Follow through on your words — if you announce an intention then make sure you do it. Don’t expect any praise in return for your actions. Do things without fuss or any notion of feeling special. If things get too messy, Zen up you life a bit.

Note: the elemental understanding here (which was taught in the Elements of Man by Glynn Braddy) is somewhat different from the accepted elemental understandings embedded within astrology, the Tarot, Chinese philosophy etc.

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