One People, One Planet, One Great Pot of Shambles

When we see people getting angry about their lot in the world, blaming others for their problems, we can ask the question — are we really all that different?

Sure we are, but when we pull back and pan out, our view of humanity is taken from a greater perspective. It all looks a bit of a shambles but kind of makes sense. We all fuse into a pastiche of compelling oneness even if it feels a bit fragile and unsettling at times.

Specific events disrupt us. Our feeling of connectedness can be blown away when the neighbours dogs waddles over and shits on our lawn; or someone, somewhere cuts someones head off because of a cartoon; or a leader of a country stands up, blathering like an idiot, proclaiming they are the best thing since avocado and cucumber sandwiches.

But in the grand scheme of cosmic sympathy; a deep breathe is taken, our shoulders drop and the cleansing wash of sufferance moves over us.

Fundamentally we have all the same needs, the same basic responses to problems, the same aspirations, ideas, bouts of agro, joyful rapture, occasional silly delusions, insecurities, vulnerabilities, need for love…this list goes on.

We must treasure our sameness, our humanity — it is very precious.

Travelling about it has been easy to see humanity’s frailness and our propensity to get along. Here are a few shots of us I have taken over the years that remind me of one people, one planet and a great pot of shambles.

Categories: Culture, Spirituality

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