Trump: The Authentic Wrecking Ball President

Trump is the most authentic politician to have wrestled himself into office in any Western country — ever. His incorrigible propensity to lie, to bully, to parody, to make a fool of himself, exposes the very same working dark side of politics — and in a twisted way also makes him the most honest president ever.

Trump may be in denial but he is not delusional. He is waging his own holy war and knows when he lies. He is the great pretender who is paradoxically authentically pretending. He is an out and out crook who exposes the crooks that dominate the established political system, the media, the military, banking etc.

Observing how these elements work together is like watching pro wrestling. Trump is in the ring with all the other actors — the politicians, the media moguls, the military chiefs. But unlike pro wrestling, in that the audience knows it’s a game, knows its theatre; in the real world much of the audience have taken the soma and they are deceived. They think that their fighter is in the ring fighting for them. Mostly they’re not. It’s an elaborate show that insinuates itself into our psyche. It’s addictive, we’re hooked and we can’t help but cheer on for our team. My tribe is good, your tribe is bad. We have given over our consent; given away our power.

Noam Chomsky calls it Manufacturing Consent where the people are brainwashed by a news media that is almost entirely in bed with the techno-military complex. The narrative is sustained with the mass-media as an ongoing performance of political authenticity. But politicians no longer govern. They run with the news media to produce a product and the real business of governing for the people has faded into the background. The news media has became a consumer business analogous to selling burgers or soda. Load up the fat and sugar and you have got them hooked.

To be fair there are some people who are doing their best to change the system from within. But you hear little from them. They are rarely in the ring, as the people, the audience, get bored with them pretty quickly — manufacturing consent.

The spin room was invented in the Reagan era and since then has been mastered by all presidents. Upsetting many people, Trump reversed the spin creating a reality TV show, a bran new pro wrestling show in the White House. He exposed the corruption by exposing himself with parody and his crazy behaviour. We knew the narrative but the plot changed and we saw the system revealed like never before.

We like to think of Trump as the worst wrestler. I am the first to admit that he is kind of an abomination. But I ask the question: If he is such a bad human being, why did over 70 million people just vote for him? I believe at least partly it’s because the people are fed up with the established corrupt system. More and more they realise that the old wrestling match was a deceit and they wanted someone to show it up, someone that didn’t try to hide.

Enter Donald Trump. For his supporters he is the real phoney suffering for them in the big fight. They may say: ‘We are not being deceived if we know it’s not real and we find comfort in that. We’re in on it — part of the game. It’s the other politicians, the one’s who are trying to imitate authenticity, that are fake‘.

But surely Trump is the worst of a bad bunch? Probably, but going down that opinionated path is a slippery slope as it creates more division. And anyway my opinion on that is somewhat irrelevant here. This piece is to stand back and see the system for what it truly is. A sham that you don’t have to get involved in and that includes the nonsense conspiracy theories.

But I can say that the most blatant destructive power of the show is manifested in the military. The military doesn’t like Trump. They can’t control him and manoeuvre him into going to war to use up their stockpiles of ordinance.

Examples of Trumpist behaviour:

Hillary Clinton parading around on stage in the 2016 DNC after they rigged the primaries to favour her over Bernie Sanders. Many say she lost to Trump because the Sanders supporters stayed home after they were shafted.

Obama constantly talked about having a transparent government for the people only to go after Snowden when he exposed the global system of surveillance set up by the NSA. He vastly expanded drones strikes leading to a lot of “collateral damage”. Another spin phrase which really means killing innocent people. Orwell’s newspeak.

Obama continued to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia in the support of the war in Yemen and the Saudi support for the military takeover in Egypt to quash the Arab spring.

America’s Vietnam war started on Kennedy’s watch using fabricated intelligence. LBJ, who cheated with ballot fraud to win his Senate seat in 1948 in collusion with an election judge, took over and become president, followed by Nixon — all constantly lying about the Vietnam war — 12 years and 3 million dead. Ford pardoned Nixon after he resigned office. WTF?

Bush and his cronies went to war in Iraq on lies and deceit — hundreds of thousands of dead. They are not held to account.

This is not just about America of course.

Australia celebrates a day when the English first invaded and stole land from the indigenous peoples, went to war against them and turned many into slaves. And yet they take the moral high ground with their grand speeches, parading about on “Australia Day”. Goodness gracious!

Australia covered up the killings of innocents in Afghanistan for years — only now is it coming out.

Australia has tapped the phone of the wife of the Indonesian president (and it’s not to get her shoe size). They covertly surveilled East Timor to strike a better deal for Australian oil and gas companies. The leaders are not truly held to account by the news media and they constantly complain about other countries and their shenanigans. The hypocrisy is laughable. They are in the ring with Trump, fighting it out, pretending, manufacturing consent and the people lap it up.

Trump makes a parody of it all. While he has never been accepted into the inner circle, he has lived in that corrupt system all his life — in a gold palace in the swamp (but just to the edge a bit). He knows it inside out.

The karma of colonialism and Pax Americana is eating into the Occidental soul. There will be a day of reckoning for the Western world when the whole edifice of the pro wrestling comes crashing down.

The show can’t exist without paying customers. It requires our complicity — our consent. The lesson for me is to stay away from the spectacle. Admittedly I will occasionally show up, watch it briefly, have a laugh or cry and leave. But you want to be elsewhere when the wrestlers and the crowd turn it into a huge punch up for real.

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