About James Wild


Simply Wild is dedicated to helping you on your journey with thought provoking and informative articles and jottings. Having said that I don’t want my writings to get too serious. Hopefully you can get some compelling insights here as well as some good dollops of fun.

Blessings and Peace
Christopher James Wild

“With my music and writing I endeavour to help people connect to the greater good of humanity”.

Here is my “official” bio:

Writer and composer Christopher James Wild (artist name James Wild) has produced an extensive range of recordings on music, meditation, relaxation and other topics of discussion.

After graduating in Botany/Ecology from Melbourne University, James went on to produce music and begin writing. He takes a keen interest in nature, music, photography, metaphysical philosophy and Futurama.

James is of no fixed abode and travels around Gaia, in our Solar System, on the Orion Arm of the Milky Way about 26,000 light years from galactic centre, in the Local Group of galaxies drifting somewhere in this extraordinary universe.