Change Your Destiny

stu-working-london-newRepublished © Stuart Wilde (2006) – Note from CJWild: This is a Stuart Wilde article.

When you see ugliness, become ever more pretty. When you see racism, love and accept everyone. When people are agitated and violent, be calm and peaceful. When they are arrogant and nasty, be humble and tender. When they are stingy and cold, be warm and generous. And when you see the fundamentalists run!

The global karma is upon us. To click out of the destiny of the world you have to go the opposite way and you have to stay ‘clicked out’ from now until the end of your days.

The greatest self defence is tenderness. If you are tender nothing ghoulish will come your way and in that tenderness and love for humanity you are saying that while you have a compassion and forgiveness for the world of the psychopaths that are running the joint, you are not condoning their actions and buying into their nightmares and their bad karma.

Deep in your feelings you have to walk away so the tragedy of the world doesn’t become your tragedy. Arrogance and violence will get the world killed; humility and softness will take you to a celestial place. Yin wins in the end. The goddess and Gaia and the nature-soul of the planet is more powerful than the yang, silly leaders and dusty armies.

Come now, come to softness and rest a while in the arms of the celestial.

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  1. I wish Stuart were here to make sense of what is happening now, especially in America, but also England, France, Eastern Europe and other places where white power is rising. But his teachings also provide answers to what is happening now. God and Gaia and the Great Pumpkin bless us all.

  2. Yeah, it’s the only way (clicked out)….. Be in the world but not of it. Unconditional love. I try 24-7 🙂

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