The Sage – Man is Nature

From Old Chinese lecture

In Old China, as the Sage was teaching students, he said, “Nature is the key. For in the naturalness of man, as the plum orchard, or as the water, it is in naturalness. For as you see and feel, as you understand by letting things grow and the fire which brings things forward; the water which refreshes it; the wind which transplants it and allows fertilisation; and the earth that brings forward in beauty. Man is this. Man is Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Man is Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Man is nature.

“And when man lives in nature, man will understand the peace within them. For it is like eating a plum — the taste is juicy, it refurbishes your body but fruit is only good if it continually grows, continually contributes. That is what you are: growing nature. Always knowing that by respecting it, helping it evolve, letting it evolve undisturbed, so will man evolve.”

There was a student who asked, “What is dimension, what is your earth, what is all of this — I do not understand?” And the Sage said, “What are you standing on?” And the student said, “Just earth. Nothing important.” And the Sage said, “I will take away all earth except what you are standing on. Then what is it?” The student said, “Then I have nothing.”

So where you stand is not the important place, it is where you live — through your Fire, through your love; through your Water, through your emotion; through your Air, through your spiritual mentality; through your Earth, through your physical knowledge of bringing peace through nature.

May each of you go forward in the peace that surrounds you and may you know that your element is the one best for this evolution.


(For more on Old Chinese see this article HERE).

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