Leunig Canceled Over Vaccine Cartoon

Michael Leunig

Michael Leunig, one of the all time great cartoonists of whom I am a huge fan, has been dumped from his post of cartoonery at The Age newspaper in Australia. It’s quite significant as he has been scribbling his poignant messages there for decades and has a huge following. He has always been controversial and now he has been canceled.

I love Leunig’s creative work. This latest thought provoking (and which I find amusing) cartoon (not published in The Age) seemed to have triggered Michael’s dumping.

It is sad that society continues to cancel out people who stir the pot and make us think differently. It’s not an anti-vax cartoon but simply illuminating state control over individual…ummm, whatever.

Vaccines are not totally safe — but driving a car isn’t either. You assess your own level of risk. If you want the jab then get it. If not then I respect your decision.

Leunig’s website is HERE.

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